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Compromise Cake Excerpt: Chapter 2, Compromise Cake

  When I discovered the index card for Compromise Cake, brown with age and handwritten, my first thought was whether my mother ever baked it. And if so, did she ever eat a… Continue reading »

Compromise Cake Excerpt, Chapter 1: Marguerite’s Desire

My mother is by my side as I roll out a piecrust in my southern California kitchen, instructing me with an authority and enthusiasm she rarely displayed in her life. I don’t… Continue reading »

Wolvesmouth at SMMOMA: All the Better To Eat You With, My Dear!

Served in the midst of a menacing forest, this looked like a savage rip and run found moldering amongst the leaves. It was, instead, the first course of nine served Saturday… Continue reading »


My apologies for wandering off lo these many months, but I’m back now and all yours. I’ve got a new book, Compromise Cake: Lessons Learned From My Mother’s Recipe Box … Continue reading »