The Fear Factor: Entertaining Outdoors In L.A.

Hey, I’m busy, I just ran a 5K and marched in a Fourth of July Parade, with my dog, and my husband, and now I’ve got a class to teach… Continue reading »

Gone With The Jacaranda: My Phantom Garden Syndrome

It’s been a lovely spring after a great wet winter, turning the entire state into a bouncing floral bouquet. We drove through the Gold Country in March and were astonished… Continue reading »

What’s Eating Us? Part 1

  What is eating us? By that I mean what is going on with food in restaurants, markets, homes, our mouths, these days? Why has fine restaurant dining become such… Continue reading »

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like 1931

I know a reprise of one of my darkly humorous fruitcake pieces might be more appropriate this time of year, but we’ve just been plunged into a future that is… Continue reading »

The Particular Sadness of Selfies

It’s a glorious day on PCH in Malibu when I spy a senior couple standing roadside, facing heavy traffic, the blue Pacific to their backs, smiling into their cell phone–or… Continue reading »

Trendy Cookbook Titles From The Sherman Oaks Review of Books

I know, you’ve never heard of The Sherman Oaks Review of Books (aka SORB). Nobody has, except the Rancho Cucamonga Review of Books, from which it split off a while… Continue reading »

Drought Intolerant

This is Sadie enjoying the lawn about which I feel such guilt in this Los Angeles Times Opinion piece: Deprogramming the Southern California Lawn. While she looks particularly good lounging… Continue reading »

Suicidal Thoughts

My wish for this piece posted in Los Angeles Review of Books today is that Robin Williams and Les Plesko hadn’t given me cause to write it. Beyond that I hope… Continue reading »

Compromise Cake Christmas: Faith In A Fruitcake, Chapter 6

 It’s December 17, eight days before Christmas, and I’ve got a lot of fruitcake to offload as I work my way down a list of potential beneficiaries. Carol, an editor… Continue reading »

Some Are Reading: Fridays at Enrico’s

            Amongst many favorite moments in Don Carpenter’s posthumously published novel Fridays at Enrico’s is when the bartender at Sausalito’s No Name Bar lets the… Continue reading »