Reverse Trash Streams: The Junk Mail Project

L.A. Contemporary Gallery, November 9-24, 2007
Reality Check

Okay, time for a reality check. A lot of you wrote in to question my figures on the last posting regarding China’s huge appetite for America’s waste paper. I quoted… Continue reading »

L.A. Contemporary Gallery, November 9-24, 2007
Visualization Exercises

Her name is Zhang Yin, she’s worth more money than Oprah Winfrey and she wants your junk mail! She’s made more than 3.4 billion dollars (27 billion yuan) importing America’s… Continue reading »

The Day I Learned to Love Junk Mail

I’ve had it with those people at The Center for a New American Dream. Here I’ve taken it upon myself to raise the consciousness of Americans everywhere regarding the unrelenting… Continue reading »

Personal Experience

Personal experience, local law enforcement agencies and media warnings about identity theft convinced me that I could no longer just toss junk mail in the trash. I needed instead to… Continue reading »